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Kép: GCMD képernyőrészlet, NASA

Mai postánkból. Lola Olsen (NASA) írja a CEOS WGISS munkabizottsági műhelymunka keretében: "GCMD/IDN Software Release Announcement (2012-06-14)
The GCMD staff is pleased to announce the release of GCMD/IDN Version This release represents a significant change in the functionality of the GCMD through the use of the new Keyword Management System (KMS). The KMS introduces a completely new paradigm for the use and management of the GCMD’s keywords. In addition, the new Metadata Web Service (MWS) offers a RESTful web service that provides “dynamic query access” to the GCMD metadata collection. The “Next Generation” web search portal leverages the KMS by offering a sophisticated “tree refinement” option. Other features, which are built on top of KMS and MWS, include the free-text search, science keyword search, and the docBUILDER metadata authoring tools that are currently utilized by organizations throughout the world.
Major Features Integrated with Release:
● Classic Homepage (http://gcmd.nasa.gov): The classic GCMD homepage and search interfaces are now available, along with a new “Data Set Citation/ Data_Set_DOI” (Digital Object Identifier) field. While the homepage appears to be similar to earlier versions, the “back-end” system is completely new. The main difference lies in the legacy API that in previous versions drove the search and metadata authoring tools. The legacy API has been replaced by the new KMS and MWS services.
● Next Generation Homepage (http://gcmd-option.gsfc.nasa.gov/nextgen/):
The GCMD “NextGen” homepage is a preview of the upcoming web site.
● KMS/MWS Web Services: The URLs and documentation will not be posted on the GCMD homepage for 30 days following the release... All documentation and URLs will subsequently be published on the GCMD homepage after successful beta testing...."

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