Az EUROGI SDI bevizsgálási módszertant adaptálják Olaszországban

Mai postánkból. Franco Vico (EUROGI/eSDI-Net Initiative Portfolio leader) írja:
"...as briefly mentioned in the last EUROGI General Board Meeting (October 9th, Dublin), AMFM has the prospect of using SDI Self-Assessment-Framework (SDI-SAF) in next months for the analysis of Italian regional SDIs.
You remember that SDI-SAF was developed in the context of EUROGI/eSDI-Net Initiative as a tool for describing and making comparable sub-national SDIs across Europe. It makes sense to maintain and update this tool.
In October-November 2012 a draft updated version of SDI-SAF was prepared and distributed to all EUROGI members, asking for comments. No comments were received back (if I remember well). Now, after the winter and while spring is coming, and it is approaching the possibility of using SDI-SAF again, it make sense to finalize SDI-SAF updating.
In attach you find the draft SDI-SAF, against which I ask you to comment (note: likely you already have these files!).
I am waiting for your suggestions and comments. I will take them into consideration if I'll receive them by March 27.
Yesterday you received an e-mail on "Participation to INSPIRE 2013  WS" from Mauro Salvemini: that mail and this one refer both substantially to the same issue, maintaining EUROGI/eSDI-Net flag flying in in the near future."

Háttérdokumentum: www.hunagi.hu/G/pub/EU/SDI-SAFdatamodel.pdf

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