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"Dear Colleagues,
Please find attached the 
UN-SPIDER January 2012 Updates. Please forward this e-mail to colleagues who might benefit from receiving the information.
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  • The UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal gets a new look 
  • Invitation to participate in Technical Advisory Mission to Myanmar from 19-23 March 2012

RSO News 
  • 3rd Meeting of UN-SPIDER Regional Support Office to take place in Vienna 
  • ADRC Organized Second Expert Group Meeting: Toward Creative Learning from the Mega-Tsunami Disaster 
  • Solar Flares and Magnetic Storms monitored by SUPARCO
Community News
  • Ocean health, disaster impacts monitored from above by satellite remote sensing
  • A step closer to mapping the Earth in 3D
  • China’s Ziyuan III  and Ziyuan I-02C satellites 
  • Vietnam to launch earth-monitoring satellites 
  • High Resolution OrbView - 3 Images Now Available from USGS 
  • SAFER is activated for Mozambique 
  • The International Charter is activated for Brazil
Upcoming UN-SPIDER Outreach Activities 
  • Fifth United Nations International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop on 24-26 April 2012
The UN-SPIDER Team (See attached file: 01 2012 UN-SPIDER Updates.pdf)

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