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  • Fifth International UN-SPIDER Bonn Workshop
  • 3rd Annual RSO Meeting conducted in Vienna
  • UN-SPIDER to carry out a Technical Advisory Mission to Tonga (20 – 26 March 2012)
  • Karoly Robert University of Hungary joins UN-SPIDER as an RSO
  • UN-SPIDER supports the Third Workshop on Space Technology Applications in Disaster-Risk Reduction and Emergency Response
  • VALID project update: Substantial scientific support.
  • European Seminar on Disaster Risk Management in Berlin.
  • UN-SPIDER participation in “Expert Group Meeting on Geo-reference Disaster Risk Management System in Asia-Pacific Region”, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • IGAC from Colombia becomes UN-SPIDER’s newest RSO

RSO News
  • Algeria inaugurated the Centre of Satellite Development (CDS)
  • ADRC conducted Training for Government Officials in Charge of DRM in Indonesia
  • RCMRD conducted “Workshop on Disaster Rapid mapping and International Charter Operations”
  • Iranian Space Agency, successfully launched the Navid-e-Elm and San'at (promise of Science and Technology) Satellite on February 3, 2012
 Community News
  • Secure World Foundation organizes a Round Table on “the Future of GMES”
  • A new generation of meteorological satellites
  • Advanced Tool for Weather Forecasting Turned On Aboard NPP
  • SMOS water mission turns hurricane hunter
  • GMES: e-GEOS wins contracts from the European Commission to provide satellite data and maps for emergency management
  • Princeton system tracks drought to aid disaster relief
  • Esri and GeoEye Developing Global Crisis Response Service
  • Timely Upgrade of Weather Information Systems
  • Earth Observation and Tsunami Warning System Seen as Critical to Revitalizing Japan
  • Romantis Provides Turnkey Satellite Telemedicine Network to All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine
  • ISRO sets ball rolling for Indian ‘GPS' / navigation system
  • SAFER is activated for Bulgaria and Algeria
  • The International Charter is activated for Algeria and Peru
  • Sentinel Asia is Activated for Philippines
Upcoming UN-SPIDER Outreach Activities
  • UN-SPIDER supports disaster management officials from member states to attend one month training programme on “Application of space technology for disaster risk reduction’



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