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"Where’s the whammy in WAMI and other motion imagery inputs?
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Vol. 8, Issue 18, May 6, 2014

  1. Esri and the United Nations Partner to Improve Global Climate Resilience
  2. NASA's OCO-2 Sensor Helps Researchers Study the Interaction of Plants, Carbon and Climate
  3. Analytics Power Shift Drives European Expansion for Alteryx
  4. NASA-CNES Proceed on Surface Water and Ocean Mission
  5. Space Symposium Features Impressive Roster of U.S. Intelligence Speakers, Panelists

  1. Peru Acquires Cutting-Edge Earth Observation Satellite
  2. 'Don't Touch Me,' Said Canada. 'I Won't!' Said The U.S.A. So They Moved 20 Feet Apart
  3. Cold War Spy-Satellite Images Unveil Lost Cities
  4. Effort To Exempt Satellites from Russia Sanctions Complicated by Latest from U.S. State Dept.
  5. Map of the Climate
Where’s the whammy in WAMI and other motion imagery inputs? 
The Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) now relies primarily on full motion high resolution imagery, and it is this data source and its heavy volume that is escalating  the amount of raw data collected, potentially drowning analysts.


  1. Notewalk - share what matters nearby
  2. OpenAddresses - free and open global address collection
  3. Ocean Surface Current Analyses Real-time (OSCAR)
  4. Vision Zero - goal to end traffic deaths in NYC
  5. Hydrography Event Management Tool

BlackBridge Expands Niche in Broad Area Mapping and Change Detection
An interview with Scott Soenen, CTO of BlackBridge, about the  the company’s inroads in delivering cloud-based services that focus on the insights gleaned from commercial satellite imagery.
Do We Still Need Geospatial Standards?
In today’s rapidly and ever changing technology landscape, many are wondering about the continued relevance of standards and standards organizations.

Technology Intersection – Geospatial Strategies for Insight from Big Data 
Sensing technologies are producing unprecedented amounts of data about the environment and the digital world. The current question is: how can we gain true insight from all the available measurements?

This GeoSpatial Stream interview with LizardTech a the recent GeoInt Symposium coveras lidar, MrSID and imagery exploitation.
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