Védelmi szektor és a térinformatika. A DGI 2015 Konferencia szervezőinek felmérési jelentése

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A jelentés a GSDI honlapjáról itt tölthető le.
Az anyag linkjét Neil Thomson úr kísérőlevelével a HUNAGI közvetlenül is megkapta és azt megosztja a HUNAGI tagságával és partnereivel. 
"The team behind Worldwide Business Research’s DGI conference have just created an insightful benchmarking report.
Download the report here to see the results: http://dgi.wbresearch.com/defence-geospatial-intelligence-benchmarking-survey-2015-mloc-f-ty-m
The survey gives geospatial experts the opportunity to capture the latest thinking and identify the current trends in the Geospatial Industry.
The survey was distributed to over 5000 Government & Military Agencies from over 21 countries to find out their opinions on topics such as:
What are their biggest challenges in the Defence Geospatial Intelligence Industry in 2014/2015?
Do they plan to invest in new GIS technology or upgrade their current GIS system in the next 3 years?
Do they use LiDAR as a normal source for your production?
Is their organization using crowdsourcing and volunteered geographic information?
PLUS more…
I thought you might be interested in seeing the report of the results.
I hope you will find the report valuable and look forward to seeing you at the DGI 2015 Conference in London, 19th-21st January 2015 at the QEII Conference Centre.
Neil Thompson
Former Director Geospatial Intelligence Canadian Armed Forces
Advisor, Defence Geospatial Intelligence"

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